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Financial Management System Setup

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Financial Management System (FMS) is a set of software and procedures used by businesses to supervise and manage all finances, including income, expenses, and assets, with the goal of increasing profits and maintaining steady growth.

Tailored Accounting Bootcamp

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Accounting Bootcamp is a tailored, computerized accounting training session designed to prepare employees for practical reality of business accounting and finance. Bootcamp can be delivered using TallyPrime, QuickBooks, and other software according to your specific needs.

Managed Accounting Services

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Outsourcing your accounting tasks to us helps you focus on your core business. We deploy software, a bookkeeper, and an accountant to manage your accounts and help you get more time for your core tasks, while receiving quality, reliable and cost-effective service for the non-core tasks.

Odoo Customization

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Tally Prime Customization

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Looking for feature or functionality to meet your unique business requirement? We build it for you the way you want it. Tally Definition Language (TDL) provides complete flexibility and power to customize the solutions for complex business requirements with Tally’s ‘Power of simplicity’.

Business Development

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We bring ideas to life through planning and implementation of initiatives and projects to help you transform operations, raise your revenues, grow your business, increase your profitability, and sustain your growth.


Companies We Deal With

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